Industry, academia and other research institutes

Along with supporting government, CRC collaborates with industry, universities and other research institutes in pursuit of common goals. In the past five years, CRC has counted among its clients 160 companies, 20 universities and 20 research institutes.

Clients come to CRC because it is the only Canadian facility with the capability to create communication technology innovation starting from basic science, all the way through to prototype development and field deployment (testing), effectively covering all aspects of the technology innovation chain.

The examples are varied. Academic researchers in Canada and around the world are investigating interference with CORAL, the world's first Wi-Fi-based cognitive radio development platform, developed by CRC.

One leading Canadian company approached CRC for help in the design and enhancement of multi-antenna handsets. The company came to CRC given our cognitive radio experience, involvement in IEEE standards and expertise in wireless circuits and antenna systems. In another case, a Canada telecommunications carrier was exploring the possibility of building a wireless business case. It contracted with CRC to perform wireless product performance analyses and network design research.

In performing this research, CRC experts used their extensive test bed infrastructure. In 2012, for instance, CRC collaborated with an industry partner to add an LTE network to its existing wireless test network, covering more than 100 km2 in the west end of Ottawa. This is one of the first LTE wireless test networks of its kind in North America. CRC operates the test network to study the performance and capabilities of a wide variety of emerging wireless technologies, specifically to develop network design and optimization techniques, refine wireless coverage models, and assess application performance and scalability.

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