Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

There has been an explosion in demand for wireless broadband services. But the conduits carrying these services—communications networks—use a finite resource: radio frequency spectrum.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) regulates and manages spectrum to maximize the economic and social benefits that Canadians derive from this valuable resource. Officials must consider many complex factors, including:

  • How best to use available spectrum while accommodating new wireless services;
  • Whether new wireless services could interfere with existing services; and
  • Whether emerging technologies could disrupt existing technologies, and require regulatory change in the process.

To help ISED answer such questions, CRC conducts research spanning the range of its expertise: from the fundamentals of wireless technology; to the next stage of development, namely networks and systems; to the final phase encompassing applications, prototype development and performance.

CRC provides ISED with deep technical knowledge and recommendations to support key wireless drivers such as harmonization, economies of scale and interoperability. CRC actively supports and represents ISED at international standard-setting bodies, such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

While the private sector plays a central role in investing in innovation, ISED leverages CRC R&D as one means of encouraging investment. Researchers from CRC collaborate with their counterparts in industry, academia and other research organizations to both advance the efficient use of spectrum, and provide flexible access to this resource in order to create opportunities for Canadian companies.

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